Use it or lose it – You have 56 days to make a decision about your home care package

Did you know that you only have 56 days to choose a home care provider once your home care package has been approved? If you don’t meet that 56 day deadline, your application goes back into the queue and you have to start from the beginning again.

You don’t want that to happen! 56 days is not a long time, therefore it is better if you have done some research beforehand so that you have a good idea of what is available.

Once your home care package is approved, you have the following options:

  1. Accept the package and contact a home care provider, take your letter of approval with you to the meeting and they will help you with the rest of the process.
  2. If you need extra time, call My Aged Care, within the 56 days, and they will grant you a 28 day extension.
  3. Do nothing and you will be placed back in the queue and have to start the application process from the beginning again.

Before your home care package is approved, you can also ask My Aged Care to take you off the waiting list queue and they will be able to offer the funding to someone else. When you call back at a later date, they will place you back in the same position in the queue that you had opted out of.

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) places the responsibility of your home care package in your hands so researching home care providers will be important to your daily wellbeing

With Consumer Directed Care (CDC) being introduced in 2015, it gives you the choice on who delivers your care, how your care is delivered and when it is delivered. So you will have many choices to make as you head toward your decision about a home care provider.

When choosing a home care provider, here are some points to take into consideration:

  1. Can I use my current physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other health practitioners?
  2. How much do you understand different cultures and how will this help me?
  3. How will you communicate with me about my care plan? What sort of reviews will you do with me to change it as my needs change?
  4. What is included in my care plan and what input do I have?
  5. What are the fees – administration fees , case management fees, exit fees and also are there any other out of pocket expenses I may have?
  6. Do you provide private services if I do not want a home care package?

Please come along to one of our information session on Home Care or call St Louis Home Care Adelaide on 08 8332 0950 or St Louis Home Care Victor Harbor on 08 8332 0950 and have a chat with a St Louis home care member. We are here to help you and guide you to the right home care package for your needs.