Rewarding Career In Aged Care

Thinking about becoming an Aged Care Worker? Why it’s a smart idea!

Aged care is a growing industry in Australia that will continue a steady growth over the next two decades. People are living longer and with this trend, the need for flexible aged care options will be in demand. A career as an aged care worker is almost future-proof. Let’s look at some of the statistics:

According to the McCrindle Report on “Demand Vs. Supply: Australia’s Aged Care Puzzle”:

  • In 1984, there were 1.58 million people over 65
  • In 2024, there will be 4.76 million people over 65

  • In 1984, the median age of Australians was 30.5
  • In 2024, the median age of Australians will be 38

  • In 1984, the life expectancy of Australians was 75.8
  • In 2024, the life expectancy of Australians will be 84.9

In the next few years, the over 65 year old’s will outnumber the under 15 year old’s which will be a first in Australia. Add to this another ten years increased life expectancy, and we need to find things to do to keep ourselves gainfully occupied past 65! 

According to this McCrindle report, “if we are to keep the current ratio of aged care workers to people aged over 85 in our nation, we need to add 77,976 workers in the next 10 years, which equates to recruiting 650 new workers per month, in addition to replacing the 668 retiring staff per month.”


The writing on the wall – aged care workers will be in demand over the next decade

A career in aged care is future-proof. You will have plenty of opportunities to grow and expand, improving skills and knowledge. One of the great benefits of becoming an aged care worker is that you can do this work well into your older years, or even start a new career in your older years. For the team at St Louis, we are excited about training and developing people of all ages to work in this industry.

Home care is the fastest growing industry in aged care, mainly because Australians have made it clear they prefer to stay at home as they age. This places aged care workers in a position of being carer, mentor/coach and confidante to many older Australians staying in the comfort of their own homes. If you are comfortable with caring for others, this environment is both rewarding and fulfilling.

For more information about the qualities of an aged care worker, read our blog on Considering a Career in Aged Care? 5 Key Attributes of a Dedicated Aged Care Worker with Caitlin Watson, St Louis’ Community Client Services Manager.

Why would you join the St Louis Aged Care team?

Our staff have been with us for many years, and we attribute this to the following reasons:

  • Our residents, clients and staff are part of the St Louis family. We promote a strong sense of belonging.
  • We offer training to update and improve skills, with the intention to develop our staff to be the best carers they can be. 
  • We encourage career growth, from carer to enrolled nurse, to registered nurse and home care coordinator.
  • Our staff feel empowered to make decisions that support their clients better.
  • St Louis Aged Care started in 1946, we have more than 70 years experience in aged care. Our staff are backed and trained by highly experienced managers.
  • We are South Australian, so our focus will only ever be in our local city and state.
  • We promote work-life balance and ensure our staff are coping well with the demands of their work and their personal lives.
  • Wellbeing at work is important, and we have an open door policy encouraging people to discuss their concerns or to suggest better ways of delivering our service. 

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