Taking your Home Care Package to a Retirement Village

If you already have a home care package and have started receiving home care support, you can take the package with you if you choose to move to a retirement village.

Home care has provided more than 80,000 older Australians the ability to stay at home and receive care and support so that they enjoy these latter years of their life in the comfort of their home.

At St Louis Home Care, we encourage our clients to make the best use of their home care packages so that they maintain a good lifestyle, doing more of the things they enjoy, while their home care package looks after jobs like cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and also provides social support.

As we age our needs will change, and you may be in a position where you need that little extra help closer to you. Moving to a retirement village provides many benefits and with a home care package, it could be the perfect solution.

For people needing that little bit of extra help, combine your Home Care with an Independent Living Unit

If you need to transition to independent living, St Louis’ provides a boutique retirement village in the Eastern suburbs of Adelaide which has all the modern amenities that you would expect from a prestige property. It is adjacent to the St Louis Nursing Home which means that meals, support and a call for assistance are just next door.

St Louis’ independent living units at our retirement village provide many benefits:

  • There are wide corridors for walkers and wheelchairs
  • Gardens are maintained fortnightly
  • You can bring your pets
  • They include a modern kitchen, bathrooms and reverse cycle air conditioning
  • You have access to St Louis shared facilities, including bistro lounge and atrium, lounge with satellite TV, library with internet access, hairdressing salon and formal dining room
  • You also have access to specialised services (such as podiatry, physiotherapy, diversional therapy, hairdressing, bus outings, meals)

24x7 peace of mind for elderly Australians wanting independence but the comfort of knowing help is close by

This scenario is an ideal situation if you need more support but do not want to move into a residential aged care facility. Have a look at the Retirement Village FAQ’s for more information.

St Louis Home Care are here to help you find the right balance of care for your needs. We have been caring for older Australians for more than 70 years and provide different options for different needs - a Nursing Home, Home Care in Adelaide and Victor Harbor and we have a small group of Independent Living Units. Call us on (08) 8272 3344 and our team will help you explore the best options available to you.