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Need Some Overnight Care At Home? St Louis Can Help - Q&A with Kim Redin

When do people need overnight care the most? Is it only for St Louis clients?

“People ask us to provide overnight care for a variety of reasons:

  • After a hospital stay if you need help at home to recuperate
  • If you are living with your spouse or family member and they need to go away but you still need some help at home
  • If you are a carer for someone at home and you just need some respite and rest

If you need overnight care, we can offer this as part of your home care package, in fact some of our clients will ask for some overnight care to be allocated for within their home care package. If you are not yet a St Louis client, you can receive our overnight care under our “Lifestyles’ private services.

Either way, you will be able to receive overnight care from St Louis.”

What services do people receive in overnight care?

We provide a range of services and these are based on what each person needs, here are some of the services we offer:

  • Assistance during the night to go to and from bathroom
  • For people with dementia, to keep an eye on them if they wonder about during the night
  • For repositioning or medication 
  • Showering the morning and making breakfast
  • Basic medical care

Overnight care is offered in two levels:

  • Passive overnight care – the Careworker rests when the client rests and gets up to help them when the client is awake and as needed
  • Active overnight care – the Careworker is awake for most of the night and stays alert to the client’s needs and movements and provides the necessary support

If you need a higher level of overnight care with more intensive care and medical support, we can also provide this. Please call us to discuss this level of care at home.

How is it offered – is it paid up front or part of a home care package?

It can be both. 

Some of our home care clients will ask to have a part of their home care package funds allocated to overnight care if they think they are going to need it through the year. If they are on a home care package but have not allocated some funds for overnight care, we can still take it out of their home care package as a one off fee. 

If you do not have a home care package, then you become a St Louis Lifestyles client (private care services) which you can pay as you need on an ongoing basis or as a once off fee. 

Call St Louis Aged Care when you need overnight care

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