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My mum’s about to start her home care package. How do I help her transition comfortably?

Great! Your mum or dad has just been approved and assigned a home care package. The better prepared they are, the more easily they’ll transition to carers in their life and the quicker they can start to enjoy the freedom this brings.

We know that new carers in your parent’s home is a significant change in their daily and weekly routine. So we take great care in supporting people during the transition process. 

If your parent is about to start home care, you can help them adapt and adjust and make the process a whole lot smoother.

Here’s our advice on how to prepare for an easier transition to home care support.

1. Get to know your home care coordinator 

Your home care coordinator basically organises all the services of the home care package and makes sure it’s aligned to your parent’s needs and goals as stated in their home support plan. 

Their role is an ongoing one, to create a healthcare plan that comprises all the services that your parent needs, and to update these services as their needs change. The plans are flexible, and the home care coordinator is the person responsible at St Louis to keep it current, flexible and continuing to deliver the required services.

2. Support your parent to create their home care plan and make sure they understand what’s involved

During the initial home care meeting, we ask many questions about their lifestyle, goals and needs. If you’re acting as an advocate for your parent in this meeting, or if you want to help them be prepared, here is a list of questions they can choose from that will help them get the best out of this initial meeting. The more specific you can be with your requests, the better your outcomes.

3. Help your loved one make space in their home (and heart) for the new carers

Once a home care services starts, it means a change to your routine. It may take a couple of weeks to adjust to this new routine and it’s important to remember that we are here to help you. Whatever you need, please ask us. Your care delivery is directed by you.

“It can be nerve wrecking welcoming strangers into your home. St Louis provides me regular care workers and service times that helps maintain my dignity. Regular staff means they know my daily routine which makes it so much more comfortable. St Louis respects your wishes, the staff are efficient, very thorough and they never rush. The office advises me of any roster changes and are always polite. I am very happy with the help I receive. They are very focussed on me, I feel like I am their only client. ” Susan, home care client.

4. Check in on your parent every few days to make sure they’re comfortable and their questions are answered

Those first 3-4 weeks are the most important to help people settle in with their new home care package. Check in with your parent and ask them specific questions:

  • What part of home care do they enjoy the most?
  • How do they feel about carers coming into their home?
  • Is there anything they want to change about their care delivery?

For more information about getting the best out of a home care plan, you may like to read:

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Are you getting the best out of your home care package?

Call your St Louis Home Care Coordinator to assist with an easier transition

Our home care coordinators are pivotal to an easier transition for home support. We do our best to ensure your carers are consistent, so that they get to know you and your lifestyle needs.

We’re here to help you enjoy your home care support and free your time up to do more of the things you love. Give us a call on 08 83730950 for a confidential and conversation about your home care needs.


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