St Louis Walking Blog

Living a long and healthy life - using your home care package to get fitter

Walking is the most popular form of exercise for Australians. It’s free, it’s easily accessible and can be done anywhere and at any time of the day. The benefits of walking have been talked about for many years, but in recent times, science has also provided the evidence for it. 

By incorporating walking into your daily or weekly schedule, you are taking advantage of this simple and free exercise that could add years to your life and boost your wellbeing on a daily basis.

Even better, you can use your home care package to start a walking program. Whether it’s one of our carers to take you on walks, or to help find a local walking group, your home care package is there to use for your healthy benefit!

Just 15 minutes a day of walking could make a big difference to your health and wellbeing

It is better to walk for 10-15 minutes, five times a week than to walk an hour only once a week. Therefore do not be concerned if you cannot walk a long distance, because starting with 10 minutes a day is good enough to make a positive difference.

Walking lifts your mood and reduces depression

Even a short 15 minute walk around the block can help to lift your mood and keep feelings of depression out of the way! In this study, women who did 200 minutes weekly of walking found they had more energy and felt emotionally better.

Walking reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, cholesterol and high blood pressure

Get your walking shoes on because 150 minutes of walking per week can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, a risk of heart attack and also a stroke. 

Walking improves balance and coordination – strength and flexibility

Any exercise that builds strength and flexibility, even moderately, will contribute to better balance and coordination. As people age, the risk of falls increases, and walking can become difficult if it is not maintained as an activity. Balance and coordination also suffer as a result. Another good reason to get the walking shoes on, even for 10-15 minutes a day!

Walking increases muscle strength

Even though walking is not about building muscle strength, it still builds strength in your legs. Walking for 30 minutes five times a week will reduce muscle loss, which naturally occurs as you age if you don’t do anything to prevent it.

Walking helps you manage your weight

While moderate walking will not help you lose a great amount of weight, it helps manage weight fluctuations and keep it under control.

Walking maintains your bone density

The best way to maintain bone density is to do strength training. The old adage “use it or lose it” applies here. When you walk you are not technically doing a weight-bearing exercise, but you are still carrying your own weight which is weight bearing in itself. Walking contributes to stronger bones according to this study.

Use your home care package to create a weekly walking routine and boost your health and wellbeing

Your home care package is intended to help you stay well and active living independently at home. Talk to the care coordinators at St Louis Home Care and we can help you start to get active again, join a walking group, or take you for regular walks in your neighbourhood. 

Or, you can join our Strength for Life program which is fun and social, is more about strength training than walking, but provides the basic muscle building exercises needed to stay well. It is held at St Louis in Marryatville every week. Call St Louis home care in Adelaide in 08 8332 0950 for more information or to book into a Strength for Life class.