Fredas Home Care Choices

Home care supports Freda’s choices to live comfortably and safely at home

Freda lives in a retirement village and uses her Level 2 Home Care Package to help her stay home safely and comfortably. She is committed to making her home care package work for her so that she can maintain the lifestyle she wants. Freda is actively engaged with her community and gets out and about.

She is specific about how she uses her home care package, directing the services in the way she chooses, and puts the hours included in her package to good use.

Her family are all nearby and help her when she needs it, but the addition of some home care support helps Freda to maintain a good quality of life.

It’s your care so your choices come first

Sometimes we find that people are hesitant to begin home care because they’re concerned they’ll lose control of how they like to live. We understand this and we are therefore sensitive to our clients when creating their home support plans. We want our clients to feel they’re in the driver’s seat directing their home care packages to deliver exactly to their needs. We encourage our clients to be creative and tell us how they can use their home care package to support them to create the lifestyle they want.

We’ve compiled a list of questions you can ask when preparing your home support plan to make sure you’re getting the most out of our home care package.

Freda uses her home care package for cleaning, shopping, weekly hydrotherapy sessions. St Louis run social events regularly for our home care clients and we go out for lunch and coffees, visiting some popular destinations around the city and Freda participates. These activities are all funded through her home care package.

“I’m very happy with my home care. While I can still do what I want to do, I prefer this, and I only use home care where I need it.”
“I go to the hydrotherapy that the physio runs with St Louis on weekly basis. My doctor suggested I continue this after my rehab in hospital. Now I can get it from my home care package which is much easier for me.”

The more specific you are about your home support plan, the better

As a part of Freda’s home support plan, we go out and do the grocery shopping for her which she identified as an activity she preferred assistance with. She enjoys cooking but has specific recipes and ingredients that she has been using for years and wants to maintain. Freda keeps all the labels in a folder of everything she keeps in her household. Her carer takes this folder shopping with her, knows exactly what brands Freda loves, and does the shopping according to this list. The contents of Freda’s pantry are exactly what she wants.

Even though this may sound like a small gesture, it makes a difference to our clients when they know that home care does not take away their choices, instead it helps them feel more at peace. Our carers are very sensitive to our clients feeling respected for their choices which maintain their dignity and a sense of fairness in the way they are being cared for.

Freda lives at home comfortably knowing that she has access to 24x7 care and that help is only a phone call away if she needs it.

“We interviewed three different home care providers and we chose St Louis because we thought they would be the most helpful. It’s been very good ever since.”

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