Got A CHSP? Transition To A Home Care Package With St Louis

The CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program) was introduced by the Australian Government to provide home support services for those people needing a little bit of help at home. Under the CHSP, you pay for services that you use as you go.

The Australian Government announced on 9 May 2017 as part of the 2017-2018 Federal Budget to extend funding arrangements for the CHSP for an additional 2 years to 30 June 2020. As of 30 of July 1 2018 the new conditions for providers will be focused on understanding client strengths and goals, with a greater focus on activities to support independence and wellness.  See CHSP funding ageing and aged care The Department of Health.

A current CSHP provides basic services that you pay for as you go, but does not provide a holistic approach that a home care package does

If you’re currently receiving services and support at home under CHSP, and your current health and ability has changed you may be wondering about how a home care package might further help you reach your independence and wellness goals.
A current CSHP provides basic services that you pay for as you go, but does not provide a holistic approach that a home care package does, to create and deliver a care plan that looks at all of your lifestyle needs.
Increasing the level of care you receive at home may help you to live independently much longer or for the rest of your life, so it may be time to start looking at getting some more help at home.
If you have been using CHSP services for some time, you will have a good idea of the support you need and the additional services you may need if you have had a change in your circumstances since you were last assessed by The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). 

At St Louis Home Care we take a holistic approach to your care plan including all your life-style needs and wellness goals.

Services can include home maintenance, cooking, gardening, pet care, self grooming and services to help you maintain your personal interests and personal goals at home and in your community.

Need more care at home?

St Louis Home Care will help guide you through the My Aged Care process to see if you are eligible for a home care package, even if you have a current CHSP provider. You will need an ACAT Assessment to show the changes in your current health and circumstances to apply for a home care package and once this is allocated, then you have 56 days to select your preferred provider.

The home care provider you chose for you home care package can be different to your CHSP Provider.  To find out if you want to make a change, take the time to meet different providers to see what care and services are offered to meet you care needs and support your independence.

Call the St Louis Home Care team on 08 83320950 and we will help guide you through the process. Transitioning from a CHSP service to a home care package is easy with the right experience and support.
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