Empowering You to Choose – Consumer Directed Care

Today, Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is a model of service delivery that all home care providers must use when delivering home care packages, with the intent that it empowers you to make the decisions about your care.

What does Consumer Directed Care mean for you?

Consumer Directed Care was officially introduced July 1, 2015. It places the responsibility of choosing the way your care is delivered in your hands, empowering you to create a care plan that meets your specific lifestyle needs.

  • You choose who delivers you care, how and when it is delivered
  • You choose what services are incorporated into your care plan with the help of your home care coordinator
  • You can have a family member or an advocate of your choice present at meetings
  • You discuss and agree on how much involvement you have in managing and changing your care plan with your provider
  • You discuss and agree on how much involvement you have in managing and changing your care plan with your provide

It also means that the responsibility to ensure your care plan is delivered the way you choose, rests with you. Therefore, you need to research your options, ask the right questions and get advice to ensure your home care package provides the services that ultimately suit your needs at home, to keep you happy and healthy at home as the years go on.

If you feel you need additional support during this evaluation process, you can have a family member or friend help you, or an advocate appointed by you through organisations such as ARAS (Aged Care Rights Association).

With Consumer Directed Care, your Home Care Package supports you to stay home longer

Your home care package can include many services to help you stay well and content at home. It includes services such as help with cooking and cleaning, shopping, transport, medical support and services to help you stay socially connected.

Your St Louis home care coordinator will help you make the most of your home care package and our coordinators are very creative when it comes to lifestyle support ideas, while incorporating all aspects of consumer directed care. Have a look at this recent interview with Maria and Leonie, two of our home care coordinators who discuss 21 ways to use your home care package to stay socially connected.

To start planning ahead for your home care package and to explore ways of making the most of your care at home, please call St Louis Home Care on (08) 8332 0950 or St Louis Victor Harbor on (08) 8552 1481.