Embracing Connective Care Technology to Keep Families Connected and Informed

St Louis is one of the first aged care providers in South Australia to embrace connective care technology that helps family and friends stay connected and up to date with their loved ones in care, when they can’t be with them.

We have implemented two new technologies – CareApp and Care@Home - that help us improve our service to our clients, residents, connecting family and friends, and keeping everyone informed of their loved ones’ health and wellbeing.

CareApp is a dedicated smartphone app that helps family and friends stay connected to their loved one no matter where they may be living

CareApp is a private communication tool used by the care coordinators, the care team and the family. It sends you alerts and updates about your loved one’s activities, photos and general information about their health and wellbeing.

St Louis pioneered the rollout of CareApp to our community and we have had excellent feedback. Using modern day innovation, we are helping families feel closer, safer and happier, because they are better connected.

The CareApp has been great in allowing me to see what Mum and Aunty Mary are doing on a daily basis. It has also been an important way for my interstate and overseas family to regularly stay connected with both of them.” Deb.

CareApp is being implemented for both residents in our nursing home and our home care clients. If family is close by, interstate or overseas, you can stay in touch day to day with how your loved is.

The family of one our St Louis residents, used the CareApp to stay in touch with their mother’s progress. Below is an extract from an email sent about their experience using the CareApp, which sums up the reason CareApp has proven a valuable technology to St Louis.

….your help in linking me to CareApp over the last few months has been just wonderful for me. Living so far away from my Mother was always difficult for me, as I was so fortunate to have a great Mother / Daughter relationship with Mum.

I have sung my praises for CareApp to anyone that will listen to me, but especially to work colleagues all of whom agree with how beneficial such technology is for family members, especially those separated by distance from loved ones. Even this week, I showed a colleague /friend who is a hospital AARC’s worker the app, so we’re spreading the word !!

I was briefly in Adelaide last week for my Mother’s funeral & my two sons & husband came too so we could say our ‘good byes’.

We stayed in Peppers on Waymouth & as I was filling in time I read the ‘ SA Life ‘ magazine in our room. I had a laugh as I saw an ad for St Louis services & also a page of advertising for CareApp, thinking to myself - yes I agree completely how fantastic CareApp is for relatives & I am so grateful to have had this available for me…” Clyda.

St Louis Care@Home is a customised sensor system guided by artificial intelligence

Care@Home recognises your regular activity and sends a warning if things do not appear normal. It has proven critical for detecting falls, inactivity or loss of appetite and gives you and your loved ones peace of mind.

This amazing system has given me and sister complete peace of mind that Mum is OK, and if things change from her to normal routine I get an alert on my phone straight away. Mum loves that we are both aware when things change for her and told me she feels much safer.” Sue.

At St Louis Aged Care, we are always actively seeking ways to improve our care and provide a sense of family and community for our residents, clients and families, whether they be in our nursing home or receiving home care in their own home.

These technologies are provided as part of our services to our residents, clients and their families and friends. Call us today on 08 8272 3344 to discuss our several aged care options and what may best suit your family.

Let out our family help take care of yours.