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Are Your Parents Needing More Support at Home?

Have you noticed recently that you are spending more time caring for your parents when you visit them? Are you concerned that they may not be coping as well at home as they did only a few months ago?

Here are some tell-tale signs that your parents may be needing support at home

  • They are more reluctant to venture out for fear of getting lost or falling
  • Their house and garden are not as tidy as they used to be
  • They are not eating regular meals
  • There may be unpaid bills or late notices piling up on the kitchen bench
  • The fridge regularly has food that has expired
  • They are losing interest in hobbies or activities they normally enjoy

Some professional support at home can make a big difference to their health and wellbeing and keep them living comfortably and safely at home, reducing the possibility of entering a residential aged care facility.

It can take up to 12 months to start receiving home care services from the date you apply so it is best to start the application process sooner than later, so that they are not left without care when they really need it. 

Every home care hour used means a 6% lower risk in entering residential aged care

A little bit of extra help at home has many benefits. For every home care hour, it is a 6% less chance of entering a residential aged care facility. Your parents will enjoy many more healthy years as they age, in the comfort of their own home, being supported as their needs change. Having a home care support network means they know help is only a phone call away, so it helps them to feel safe and comfortable while remaining at home.

Sometimes parents are concerned that they will lose their independence or that their privacy may be impacted. But in fact, we find that our clients enjoy the freedom that comes from having more support at home so that they can focus on the things they enjoy. 

We take time during the transition to home care services to create a home care package that helps people feel supported, delivering the services they need, at the times they prefer. Our home care coordinators regularly review our clients’ home care packages to ensure they are continuing to meet their needs.

Our home care services include the following:

  • Help with the cooking and grocery shopping
  • Transport to and from social activities and appointments
  • Maintaining their home and garden 
  • Providing social programs to support them to stay socially active, and much more.

Our home care services change as your parent’s needs change, so if they need more help as they get older, such as personal help with getting ready in the morning, or medical support, we will bring these services into their care.

You don’t need to wait until you need home care, you can start preparing today

A home care package can take up to 12 months to commence from the date it is approved. Start making plans for a home care package today so it is available to your parents when they need it.

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