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Are you getting the best out of your home care package?

Evaluating the benefits of your HCP

Some of our clients have been receiving the benefits of a home care package.

for over a decade. Below we share how both St Louis and our clients evaluate home care packages to ensure they continue to deliver on their commitments. 

A quality home care plan along with an attentive home care coordinator will meet your changing needs. But this is only possible if regular communication is maintained between you and your home care team.

Here are some commonly asked questions by our clients about managing and evaluating the benefits of a home care package.

Delivering home care packages for more than 20 years

We started in 1998, so that’s 21 years we’ve been providing home care services and actively involved in educating the community about the value of home care. Home care provides that little bit of extra support people need to feel confident, safe and healthy at home. 

Elderly Australians have made it very clear they prefer to stay at home as they age with some help. All the research shows that people live longer and are happier staying in the comfort of their own home.

How do our clients know they are receiving all the benefits of a home care package? 

In the beginning, when people first get a home care package, I think it all starts by asking them a question-Tell me, what is important to you? From my perspective knowing this is the key.

From our experience when our clients tell us they are feeling well, safe and comfortable at home, we know their home care package has contributed to this. Right from the start, the understanding we develop about a client’s individual wants and needs is the key to success. We find out where they need assistance - is it with shopping, cooking gardening and home maintenance? Or do they need help with personal care and grooming, or is it something else? When people start a home care package, they don’t always know what will help them the most. It’s our job to actively listen, and then ask the right questions. This then allows us to work together to develop a plan of support that is tailored to their individual’s needs and goals.

After more than 20 years of delivering home care, evidence has shown us that our clients:

  • feel more at peace in their own home
  • are more in control of their destiny and therefore happier
  • are getting on with more of what they enjoy, like time with friends and family
  • are supported to start new hobbies, or fine-tuning existing ones and loving it
  • are supported to become more active by going for walks or doing other exercise
  • tell us that time with family members returns to being more about social enjoyment and less about them being helpers or carers
  • say they feel happier because they know we are only a phone call away
  • are pro-actively engaged in the fine tuning their home care plans as things change
  • say their families are happier knowing they are well supported and cared for at home

With the large range of home care services available, we identify the top priorities for each client, and adjust the services as their needs change over time. In understanding each person’s individual situation, their lifestyle goals and their health care needs, we work with our clients to ensure they can maximise the value of their home care package. 

The home care coordinator plays a key role as they become the main point of contact for our clients and families. By keeping open communication channels with our clients, we make sure that the home care funds are being used in the best possible way.

Are we required to do a formal evaluation of home care packages?

Yes. As part of our provider status, we must conduct home care package evaluations at least once per year or when a person’s situation changes. We do recommend that for people with a Level 3 or 4 package, a formal evaluation happen every six months.

In reality, we are informally adjusting and refining home care plans as our clients direct us to, or their circumstance dictates.

What can clients do to proactively manage their home care package and make sure they are getting their needs met?

The funds are there to be used. There is little advantage in holding onto them for a “rainy day”. However if we know that hospital stays are necessary, or a special piece of assistive equipment is part of the plan, then we will help create a budget to meet these goals. People who benefit the most are those who consciously use their home care package funds to specifically achieve their health and lifestyle goals. For example, one of our clients who is an author, enjoys writing in his beautiful garden and uses part of his home care package to keep the garden safe and well maintained. This one thing allows him to use his energy to keep doing the thing that he loves the most - writing. Since starting home care, he has had more books published!

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