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9 Ways to Get Reconnected with Your Garden this Winter with the Help of a St Louis Home Care Package

There is something about gardening that as beautiful as a garden may look, cannot be seen. Even though casting your eyes over your well-loved garden is very pleasing, there is a sense of wellbeing that comes from gardening that goes beyond the visual. It is a sense of being connected to life’s everlasting pulse that is happening all around us all the time.

Ask any gardener, they don’t have to be the world’s best green thumb, or experts at exotics. They just love being in the garden, where life grows and changes no matter what is going on in theirs!

Call it an escape or a deeper connection, one thing we know for sure is that people who get into their gardens do it because it makes them happy and elated afterwards.

So rug up and get outside in the elements. Whether your garden is large or tiny, here are nine ways to get reconnected with your garden this winter.

  1. Get your compost going – find a small corner in your garden and start composting. When done right, a compost does not smell. A good compost has a little of everything – all your vegetable scraps, pruned branches, lawn cuttings, twigs and sticks, dead flowers. Keep a balance of all these things in there. By summer you’ll be able to use some mulch for those summer flowers or salad greens.
  2. Rake the leaves and clean up the twigs – it will warm you up and you will feel happier looking at your tidier garden. You can either put the leaves and twigs in your fire (if you have one) or add them to your compost!
  3. Prune – winter is a great time to prune those plants that have lost their leaves or those that just need cutting back. However, pruning is better done early in winter, not late winter when it is too close to spring. Plants need some time to bed down after a pruning and before spring.
  4. Love Strawberries? Winter is still a good time to plant strawberries, even though you can start as early as Autumn. They need full sun and well-drained soil.
  5. Lawn care - if you have a lawn, raise your lawn mower height a little as longer blades of grass protect the lawn from frost and absorb sunlight more. Your lawn will stay greener in winter.
  6. Look after those winter veggies – if you have some winter veggies growing, use a thick layer of mulch to protect them from the cold and frost.
  7. Potted Plants – reduce watering of your potted plants as they need much less in winter. For plants that are tropical or subtropical, place them inside your home or in a warmer area until the cold spell ends.
  8. Bring in some annuals for lively colour – bring some pots of cyclamen, pansies and petunias into your garden. They are easily available and will last well into the summer months.
  9. Plant veggies throughout winter – kale, spinach, carrots and beetroots and easier to grow in winter, have excellent nutritional properties to beat winter bugs and are tasty additions to your dinner menu. And you can keep growing them well into late winter.

Spend more time in your garden with a St Louis Home Care Package

At St Louis, we customise your home care plan to include support that helps you do more of what you love. If you love your garden, we want you to continue working in your garden, no matter what the climate. It will enhance your wellbeing and make you happier which is the whole purpose of providing in-home care.

We can include gardening services in your home care package so that some of the heavier work is done for you, or just to give you a helping hand.

Call St Louis Home Care in Adelaide on 08 8332 0950 or St Louis Home Care Victor Harbor on 08 8552 1481 and talk to us about how we can support you at home to keep your garden growing.

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
— Greek proverb

In other words, gardening is a “life-affirming process”, that’s why it feels so good!