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5 tips to get your garden ready for summer – your home care package can help

Here are 5 tips to get your garden ready before Adelaide’s hot summer days begin. And they are just around the corner. You can use your home care package to help you keep your garden looking beautiful throughout summer.

Water early in the morning

As the Adelaide weather warms up, it’s best to water your garden early in the morning with a good long soak, so the water has an opportunity to get deeper into the soil, before being evaporated by the sun. If you train the roots to find water deeper, they have more chance of surviving hot summers as they will go looking for water further down where moisture is retained.

Lay down mulch

Laying mulch is the most effective way to keep your soil moist and protect your plants during hot days. It will also save you on water bills as you need less water in the garden when you have laid mulch. Your local nursery will have a variety of mulches, the most common being wood chips and shredded bark or sugar cane mulch. Lay about 15-20 cms on top of your soil for best results.

Spring clean and slash

If your home gets a spring clean during spring, then your gardens deserves one too. Australian summers are best spent outdoors so make your garden pleasing to the eye. Clean the winter debris, prune your winter shrubs right back and give the garden breathing space for the upcoming summer. Don’t leave this too close to summer and hotter days, it is best to prune by mid Spring.

Add summer colour with flowering plants

It’s the time to plan for some colour in summer with flowering plants. Pop them into pots or throughout your garden in sunny areas. Popular flowering plants in Adelaide that last well over summer are geraniums, petunias, impatiens, begonias and marigolds.

Pay attention to your lawn

A soft green and lush lawn will be well appreciated by your grandchildren when they come to visit! Beautiful lawns need daily care leading up to and throughout summer. Fertilise your lawn through spring so that it is well fed and stronger in preparation for the hot and dry days. 

Keep the mowing height a little higher as this encourages a stronger, deeper root system and a more resilient lawn. Also keep the blades of your lawnmower sharp so they don’t tear the blades of grass but cut them cleanly, this keeps your grass leaves and roots stronger.

Your home care package can be put to good use in the garden

Your home care package can be used for anything that supports you to stay well at home. Many of our clients channel some of their home care funds to receive help in caring for their beloved gardens so they can enjoy them throughout the year. Call the St Louis home care team in Adelaide on 8332 0950 or St Louis home care Victor Harbor on 8552 1481 to discuss a new home care package or to transition your current one.